Workshop Production - London 29 November 2015

This taster of Day After Day begins with the audition that changed Doris's life forever by launching her into a career as a big band singer with the likes of Les Brown and his Band of Renown.

We learn how her name was changed from Doris Kapelhoff to Doris Day and we are introduced to the first of many men who will take advantage of Doris throughout her lifetime.

We see her go on tour and see how her relationship with her first husband, Al Jordon, the father of her only child, develops and then deteriorates. We learn about Al's dark nature and Doris's strength to overcome it.

Now a single parent and working band singer,Doris meets her second husband, George Wielder, who takes her to California to live in a Trailer Park. Although disappointed Doris tries to remain optimistic. Doris meets her agent, Alvin Levy who introduces her to Michael Curtiz and her life in Hollywood begins. George cannot handle his wife's success and end's their marriage.

A very heartbroken Doris continues to put on a brave face. She meets her third husband, Marty Melcher on set when he rescues her from a now predatory, Alvin. Marty meets Jerome Rosenthal who convinces Marty to invest Doris's money in his 'lucrative' ventures.

We end the Workshop Production with Jerry and Marty firmly in cahoots to obtain Doris's Power of Attorney.